Computer and Laptop performance specifications are increasing every year. Often times though you can bring an existing system up to current specifications with a few simple and inexpensive upgrades instead of shelling out a load of cash on a replacement, just give us a call and we’ll pop out to evaluate if we can bring you back up to speed again. You’d be surprised just how much we can improve performance for you.

Computer Upgrades

Fix my laptop. On this page you can read testimonials from our happy customers – you also have the ability to be able to write one here yourself if you are happy with our work. testimonials, page, read, happy, customers, write, one, yourself, work. display:none”>The Computer Trouble-shooters are Gold Coast and Brisbane based mobile computer repairers who offer a complete range of Mac and PC Windows services including Virus Removal, malware, nagware, pop-ups as well. Wireless and Wired Networking for Business and home networks. Hardware Upgrades for new and used Computers plus sales and service. Printers can be supplied and installed and cartridges replaced on the spot. System servicing and maintenance can be scheduled for server and clients systems, plus the supply of racking and anti-surge or uninterruptable power supplies. Laptop or notebook screen and Hard Drive replacement plus memory expansion services are available also including operating system and software upgrades. Data recovery from dead computers can also be provided. Antivirus, Office and Accounting Software is sold and installed. Security camera and surveillance recording systems are yet another service we provide plus monitoring hardware and Software. Websites Designing and construction plus the implementation of SEO (search engine optimisation) can be tailored to suit your needs. Tablet, Smartphone and Television configuration, repair, installation and tuition can be provided as ordered. Automated data backup solutions for both onsite and cloud servers can be implemented to suit your needs. Cooling Systems can upgraded repaired and modified for the hotter months. Home Entertainment and media centres are installed to order and computer recycling or services are available. Gaming systems are built to order and installed plus multi-screen display setups. Micro PC Systems and thin clients are stocked and ready for implementation. Software applications designed to suit your Business needs can be made to order. Call-outs and house-calls are available by arrangement. Remote access support can be setup for you with minimal worry. Network Accessible Storage Devices (NAS) and all others forms of data storage and ready for work place. A full range of Mac and PC accessories can be supplied and even Case Modding (Modification) services are catered for. Databases can also be created to your custom requirements and wireless networking signal boosters (range boosters) and extenders are stocked for sale. Testimonials are testimonials from customers leaving testimonials. Laptop screens, please fix my laptop, notebook increase speed. If you laptop has started to get a bit clunky over time why replace it? We can give you a diagnostics report and quote a price to bring it back up to speed. increase, speed, fix, my, laptop, over, time, slow, notebook, netbook, diagnostics, quote, clunky, replace, performance, upgrade, update, restore, speed, fix my laptop. Computer upgrades, computer upgrades, computer upgrades, computer upgrades.

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