website design gold coast

website design gold coast

Well here we go. We are very excited to offer our latest Website Design services to our valued customers. On this page you will find a very simple ‘THREE STEP’ website sign-up process to get you on the way to getting your website LIVE and attracting customers. Our Websites are created and edited via WordPress so they can be updated and edited by YOU from your home or workplace from any computer that has an internet connection. Edits can even be done from a Smartphone from ANYWHERE in the world. We also offer the latest in “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimisation” so that we can fine-tune your website to attract the optimum amount of new clients via web search. We ‘tweak’ your pages properties so that we can have you outranking your Opposition and attracting new clients on a frequent basis. Some of this takes time as the limiting factor are the Search Engines. It can take a few months to make everything ‘search engine friendly’ so we look at setting up a quarterly update system where we review just exactly how your site is progressing according to it’s searchability.

We offer a simple THREE step Website Design Gold Coast process.

Step 1:

Choose a web ‘domain name and hosting’ package from a reputable provider like “Netregistry”, “Melbourne IT”, “GoDaddy” or “Domain Central”. Basically this is what your website will be called and where you shall be storing it online. From here we can install the WordPress software and create storage for the website. Plus we can create any emails that the site might require.

Step 2:

Choose a ‘template’ or ‘theme’ from one of the popular sites like ‘Theme Forest’ or ‘Template Monster’. This way you get to preview a LIVE tour of the website that you will be purchasing for us to adapt to your needs by changing images, links or styles etc. Sites can of course be custom made but there will be an adjustment to the costing.

Step 3:

Shoot us an email with all of the information above. This will include what your website is called (it’s domain name) plus the login information to the websites ‘control panel’. We’ll need the link to download the template that you’ve purchased and then you just need to list all of the edits and changes you need made plus any logos or images you intend to use.


Don’t forget we’ll also apply Search Engine Optimisation to your website so you can actually be FOUND via Google or Bing or such. This we can also offer as a ‘stand-alone’ service for existing websites that may not be ranking very well. We can soon have your page ranking up with your opposition and actually getting your business discovered!

Call us today and we’ll get a plan together to get your started on your own web development project.

You can view some of the sites that we’ve worked on in the past via my web gallery ‘click here to see them’

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